5 of the World’s Best Destinations for Beer Lovers

Good beer is one of the simple pleasures of life. And for beer lovers, there is probably nothing quite like the experience of enjoying the finest brews at the places that produce them. Whether you are a beer connoisseur in search of more great beers to try or someone who just know how to appreciate delicious brews, you might be surprised as to what some of the world’s best beer cities have in store for you.

Bamberg, Germany
Top attractions: A town that is on the UNESCO Heritage list. It boasts of beautiful medieval and baroque architecture. Bamberg is home to the historic smoked beer brewery Schlenkerla and other famous breweries like Mahr’s and Spezial. It also has hundreds of traditional breweries that are located near the heart of the town.

Bruges, Belgium
Bruges, Belgium
Top attraction: Bruges is one of Belgium’s most popular tourist destinations. It is a beautiful city that features stunning medieval architecture. And it will soon have the country’s first major beer pipeline. Top beer-centric attractions include the Brouwerij Bourgogne des Flandres, Brouwerij De Halve Maan, Café OPCD (with more than 200 Belgian beers), The Bottle Shop, Bierbrasserie Cambrinus, Staminee De Garre, ‘t Brugs Beertje, De Struise Brouwers Shop, and ‘t Poatersgat among others.

Brussels, Belgium
Top attractions: Belgium and its capital city Brussels trace its beer-making history in the middle ages. The city has produced some of the country’s finest breweries and brewers with skills that have been honed for many generations. Beer related points of interest include the century-old Brouwerij Cantillon,
Museum van de Belgische Brouwers (Museum of Belgian Brewers), Brussels Beer Weekend (Belgisch Bierweekend), Brussels Beer Challenge, Brouwerij Timmermans, A La Bécasse, Delirium Café, The Poechenellekelder, Le Corbeau, and the Belgian Beer Temple in 2018.

Dublin, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland
Top attractions: There is no better place for an authentic Irish pub experience than in Dublin. The city which is home to the famous Guinness Brewery has a wide array of pubs and bars to enjoy the finest craft beers. Must visit sites include the Guinness Storehouse and any of the city’s roughly 600 pubs.

Munich, Germany
Top attractions: Home to the Oktoberfest, Munich remains to be a Mecca for beer lovers. The weeks long event draws tourists from around the world for some great beers and the festival experience. The city also boasts of beer gardens and beer halls like the Augustiner Bräustuben, Augustiner Keller, the Hirschgarten, Max Emanuel Brauerei, Seehaus, The Hofbräuhaus, and Waldwirtschaft among others.

Welding Helmets Are Stepping Up Their Game and So Should You



When we travel, we wear helmets to protect our heads. The same can be applied when we weld.

man-welding-helmet-welderVarious welding jobs pose dangerouse threats to the face, especially to the eyes of the welder. If a welder isn’t wearing a proper welding helmet, he’ll be exposed to the flares and radiation emitted while welding, which may cause his retina and cataract to burn at some point. The worst part is that ultraviolet radiation and infrared radiation don’t usually affect the eye instantly—they reveal their symptoms after some time which can lead to eye discomfort, swelling, and even temporary blindness.

Welding helmets, like the ones presented in http://healthyhandyman.com/best-welding-helmet-guide, are made to protect the welder’s face while doing welding work. And actually, they’ve come a long way since they were introduced.

Recent Advancements in Technology

Today, we can categorize helmets into two: passive and auto-darkening.

The first type includes a dark lens which does not adjust or change. While wearing this, welders usually nod to let the helmet down as they begin the arc.

Meanwhile, the second type is more comfortable and convenient to use, especially if the welder needs to habitually lower and raise the helmet during a welding job because they come with sensors that automatically darken (hence the name) the lens once they sense the luminous electric arc.

Auto-Darkening Helmets

Speedglas-welding-helmetThis type also has its own categories. Auto-darkening helmets can either have a variable shade or a fixed shade.

The former comes with a lens that has varying shades from which the welder can choose from. This is highly advantageous when a welder needs to use different welding applications and processes. A digital keypad is used to adjust the lens shade, depending on how bright the arc is.

On the other hand, auto-darkening helmets with a fixed shade will only darken to a single shade that’s been previously set. It’s an excellent choice for applications where the welder needs to go through the same weld again.

Auto-darkening helmets also provide varying operational modes that alter the lens shade, for instance, for plasma cutting or grinding. The modes offer more flexibility, enabling one helmet to be utilized for many applications and tasks.


Welding helmets today are stepping up their game by offering advanced technology that brings convenience and comfort. These developments help welders become more productive. If this is so, shouldn’t you be stepping up your game too? Why not take the opportunity to experience the features they offer such as enhanced headgear and tracking functions? Why not take the chance to encounter better protection? Because let’s just face it. Welding helmets are essential and not optional.